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Being a good employee of lowe’s, we must use the myloweslife portal to get the latest information about our employment status with My Lowe’s Life. It is mandatory to maintain an online account for the ease of management of Lowe’s Employees. One should have known about the lowes associate portal if you are an employee at lowes.

Some newbies will have some trouble accessing this information, as they are not much aware of these things. Today we are gonna help them with our complete lowes employee portal guide. With this, you can understand how to use lowes employee login page to check schedules, special offers, and complete employee benefits.

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Myloweslife is the company website, this was launched in the year 2009. This portal is very helpful for lowes employees; both are who are worked with a company or the currently working employees.


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If it is our first time working here, we have to know the organizational profile of Lowes. From the data, Lowe’s is the largest retail organization in the US. Starting from over 40 years prior, we can see that it has more than 200 branches.

In 2017, we locate 700 franchise stores spread towards the entire world that is in more than 40 states. Also, guess what? It has more than 100K employees working for My Lowes Life. With the best nature of the system, the organization offers the customers the best service. Trust it or not, this organization has over 40K products finished with Lowe’s customer service.

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Benefits for Lowes Employees

Everyone knows about the benefits of being an employee at a big multinational company like Lowe’s. Various advantages are included for its employees as they wanted to be. These offers are listed on the lowes employees login with some complete ADP retirement plans. To add this, we get to access electronic trade stock plans along with COBRA advantages. Some of the benefits you would be able to take are listed down below:

  • 401k Benefits
  • Critical illness plan accident
  • Disability
  • Auto and Home Insurance
  • Medical Coverage plans
  • Spending Accounts
  • Wellness benefits and much more…

MyLowesLife Portal Login

With more than thousands of employees at Lowes, it is hard to manage for the Human resources department. So Lowes launched this portal and it can be accessed from HRD of Lowes is managing the employee via Online Portal.

It allows them to track every employee and their schedules and it would be easier to communicate. With Lowes SSO Login, it is the best solution to maintain employee benefits and other things. All employee benefits can be only accessed when you log in with lowes login details.

The portal helps the current employee to upgrade their position as well. This helps them to promote themselves from the current situation by applying for a new job as per their original and their advanced and developed skills. This platform will help the employees and the recruiter with which they can get their desired job by their abilities.

And most of the employees who are working with this company those employees are still not aware of making use of this platform as they don’t know how to make use of this portal. For this reason, here we will give you complete details about login procedures and the benefits which are provided by the company.

And by using this site employees gives the freedom to share information regarding the work. The Lowe’s Employees website is accessible at if you want to see the work schedules or any other things you should go through the website, by accessing this site you can know all the work-related resources which you want.

Sign in to My Lowes Life

Now its time to know how to login to the lowes sso portal. Through this portal, you can check work schedules and other things. Before accessing the portal make sure you do have the employee id/lowes id and its password respectively. If you don’t have those login information, better ask your lowes representative.

Lowes Employees have their own portal, and it can be accessed through my lowes life website.

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Here are the steps to access the myloweslife portal:

Step #1: Connect to the internet with any of the available desktop systems and open the available browser on your system. Access on the address bar. Else you would end up on google searching for lowes login portal.

Step #2: You will be redirected to the main home page and find the navigation tab. Now you could find the My Lowe’s Life login.

Step #3: Now enter your employee id number and fill your password in the next text field. Finally, Click Login to submit your credentials to access your dashboard.

Step #4: If your login credentials are correct, You will be successfully logged in and you could able to access your employee information online.

Check your schedules and day off at work with more offers and benefits exclusive for yourself. On the setting page, you could change basic information like password, name, and other information. Enable notifications to get the latest updates from the company.

Account Recover (Username/Password)

Here are the specific steps that are required to have in the registration process, and the HR Team will help you to register your account. If you don’t know how to login to a lowes employee account, then you can quickly log in by following the steps we had shared above.

Along with those while logging into your account, if you are facing some problems like if you lost your passwords, or your password is stolen you don’t need to worry about your passwords, you would directly get your password within a single click.

  1. Open your browser and then you need to go to the following lowes login page.

If you want here we will provide the link to retrieve your password. Here are some simple steps to recover your password.

  1. Below the login page, you can see the option of “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password.”
  2. Then select the possibility that you want if you want to choose the option of Resetting the password.
  3. After that, you should enter your registered mail and check it working.
  4. You should enter your email address for resetting the password.
  5. After that click on the submit button, now your reset link will be sent to your registered mail, click on that email, and now you can reset your password.
  6. Then complete your procedure and you can easily log in to and get your details again with the new password.

These are the necessary and simple steps through which you can quickly login into the Employee Account and access your employee information. All the information is about the web portal only, still, you have any doubts about your account try to contact Lowes customer care services.

Contact Lowes Customer Care

In case you have any issues, you might need to contact Lowe’s Customer service. So there is complete support from Lowe’s for their customer as well as their employees. Here are lowe’s contact details:

You could write a letter and mail it to

Lowe’s Customer Care

PO Box 1111, North Wilkesboro, NC 28656.

If you wish to contact, Lowe’s Phone Support:

Dial number: 1-800-445-6937

Lowes Hours: from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 10 PM.
On Sunday between 8 AM to 9 PM.

That’s all, These are the main important information about Lowes Company. One of the main points about this article is the Myloweslife employee portal. Some people refer to this as Lowes Kronos. Stay tuned to my lowes life login portal so that you never miss any offers or benefits. Never share your login details of with anyone.

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  1. I would just like to access my scheduled time and print it out. I am not a computor wiz like my daughter who grew up with computors all arround her. Please just give me the information I need to do my job and not have to learn a new system and password every time I get used to that system, location schedule, ECT

  2. Horrible! Can’t get anything I need to see! Simply awful. Typical example of people not knowing what they are doing! No wonder associates are disgruntled.

    • Gary- try this. go to employee login you should see Welcome to mylowe’slife-lowe’s employee portal log in. click. click the sign in information box. look down the list on the left. click my HR and you should be fine on your own from here. hope this helps. I just accidentally ran across this trying to get into the site and just like so many others had problems finding it to.

  3. changed kronos system ….. WORST SYStEM EVER !!!!!
    no longer easy access takes for ever to get to info. – if ever- ??

  4. The Flash site is a basic problem for a lot of devices that do not support it. The data being accessed is not dynamic requiring Flash.

  5. Former employee trying to get my W2. I cannot speak to headquarters and the only phone numbers I get are for customer service and go in a cirlcle.

    my number is 425-343-7866. Please call.

  6. this system is NOT user friendly, As a fairly NEW employee we should be able to secure our schedules and payroll time cards

  7. I cannot log into anything and am trying to see that a Have insurance coverage. However it seems I do not!!!! Not happy with this at all. But did receive papers about short term disability explain that one. ???? Not happy…..

  8. Trying to log into mylowe’s employee portal for login….as usual I am unable to check my work schedule at home to find out my weeks schedule from chrome. Please fix it so I can check my schedule. I want to make sure I am on time and work my listed schedule but cannot login. Please send a link or instructions.

  9. At first I was able to log in, but now it will not allow me to enter my employee number or password. I can not check anything.

  10. I need to log in for my previous paychecks as I am on short term disability. I am unable to do so. Is the web site down?


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