Lowes Kronos Login

If you wish to access your works schedule, you should open lowes kronos login page. This is because Lowe’s had moved their work schedules to Kronos platform. Since then all employees of lowes are requested to access kronos lowes page to know more about their daily work time-table. Kronos login can be accessed from a mobile app/myloweslife login page.

Kronos is one of the best effective workflow management solutions which is widely commonly used by big organisations to manage their employment workflow.

Lowes Server for Kronos:

Enter the below-mentioned server name on your Kronos Mobile app:

Lowes Kronos server name: https://ltsrvext.lowes.com/lowesmobile

How to setup Kronos on Mobile:

Don’t know how to set up the kronos app on your mobile? Just follow the below steps on how to set the kronos app to check lowes schedules from your mobile.

  1. Install the Kronos Mobile app on your mobile device. (iPhone/iPad/Android)
  2. Open “App Store” or “Playstore” on your device.
  3. Use the search icon to search “kronos mobile app” & click on the  GET/INSTALL button.
  4. The application will start downloading and it will be installed directly on your mobile device.
  5. KronosMobile icon will be displayed on your mobile home screen page.
  6. Now the setup is complete.

While following the above steps, if you get any prompt messages on requesting permission to send a notification, access your location, select the “Allow” option and proceed.

How to login Lowes kronos:

Follow the below steps to login lowes kronos mobile application.

  1. First, you need to setup the Kronos app on your mobile.
  2. Now Launch the mobile app – Kronos Mobile
  3. Enter the server name of Lowes kronos: https://ltsrvext.lowes.com/lowesmobile
  4. Click “Proceed” & Enter your lowes username & password.
  5. Once you had entered the lowes employment login credentials, click on “Log on” to access your lowes work schedule.

Now you can check your work schedule directly from your mobile. Also, if you had enabled notifications, the app will send notification and remind you about the work timings.

How to check my schedule on the Kronos Mobile App:

After you log in to kronos lowes on your mobile, select My Work and Absence Summary to view your upcoming shifts till 17 days in advance, also you can check your past absence history.

If you wish to swap your shifts with your colleagues, you can directly request swap shifts. Your shift will vary every week to week, so it is advisable to always check your work schedules prior a week.